About Us

Direct Selling Today is the first of its kind platform in India aimed at sharing industry knowledge among network sellers through an organised platform. The platform acts as an initiative to raise awareness about the direct selling industry and it’s guidelines while maintaining a healthy balance of information flow between direct selling entities and the government.
Direct Selling Today provides exclusive access to the latest news, views and updates of the direct selling industry affecting lives of 90 million people across 170+ countries around the globe.Direct Selling Today has successfully launched its editions featuring various themes around Direct Selling Industry.With 15,000 trusted annual subscribers & 5+ Lakhs Direct Seller Community online,our reach is increasing everyday.
Direct Selling Today envisions itself playing a key role in establishing trust, appreciation and respect of the industry in the global marketplace.
Engaging and educating the society on how direct selling works, empowering individuals, supporting communities and strengthening economies worldwide.