Exclusive Conversational Interview with Fohoway India

Exclusive Conversational Interview with Fohoway India

Rock-Solid Rise of FOHOWAY INDIA

Direct Selling Today Team got the opportunity to interact with Fohoway India Management for their upcoming grand celebration of 2nd Year Anniversary in India. While interacting with Fohoway India Team we were presented to hold an exclusive dialogue with “Mr.Kevin Hou”, Corporate Director with the aim and objective to discuss his journey and contribution towards the Indian Direct Selling Industry. To our pleasant surprise “Mr.Kevin Hou” is well versed with mannerisms and greetings in hindi, which was definitely flattering for us. His persona and charm was felt by all present during our casual interview chat. His enthusiasm and motivation towards our magazine was promising for our team.

Fohoway India shall showcase a pan India promoted anniversary celebration event with key leadership meet and gala dinner to celebrate the success of their business with pomp and show. With over 20,000 Distributors and 19 Franchise Offices, Fohoway India is growing with a solid consumer and leader base. Their unique product offering with excellent customer service ranging from Health Care, Holistic Wellness and Personal Care products provide the confidence to Indian Direct Sellers to promote their products. In Healthcare segment their Fohoway Portable Magic Device based on TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) with functions such as Vacuum/Cupping, Heat and Laser Therapy resulting in showcasing immediate and effective relief.

To provide you all a glimpse of interview with Fohoway Management exclusively for Direct Selling Today readers please find the below mentioned gist.

Q) What does Direct Selling mean to you?

A) Since the beginning of my career, I was inclined to build my path across international borders. Direct Selling seemed like the perfect choice as it is the people of business who are motivated towards entrepreneurship. My friends often named me as an international person due to my extensive experience in countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Abu Dhabi for 19+ Years. I have enjoyed my time in India as we function and do business very differently in China. I believe that we provide in the life changing business opportunities for individuals which has created into a movement for the Indian Direct Selling Industry, I see more young enthusiastic individuals aspiring towards direct selling. I have learnt the attributes of being versatile, dynamic, opitimistic and value the virtues of time, humility, fairness and patience from my extensive experience in direct selling. With the ever changing dynamics of direct selling I am a strong supporter or using social media to talk about achievements, motivation and positive aspects about our Fohoway offering be it our products or our compensation plan. I firmly endorse the concept of “Life is Work , Work is Life”, my own theory where an individual shall be passionate towards his work once he / she gets an opportunity to derive benefits and take advantages through their work resulting into the positive changes of his / her personality for good. One needs to love what they do, they need to believe in as much as we do which shall make our organization successful in the long run. With our business of direct selling, I connect with people, I interact and develop strategies how to promote my business effectively.

Q) Post Covid Challenges  and Remedies – Your Comments?

A) We at Fohoway India, with the massive support of all our international community and management have learnt to accept challenges with a smile. We changed our ways of doing business, promoting products, perform demonstrations and conduct meetings for prospects. I engaged with my leadership team on a regular basis through constant online conferences and programmes where the morale was suppose to be on top. Through the introduction of social selling via digital marketing, a regular regime was adopted which we continue to follow as the pandemic has not ended yet. We are strongly promoting social media channels to gain maximum popularity and create buzz for our brand as we are fairly new. Specially in the TCM category to promote holistic wellness we are here for the long haul.

Q) What Are The Key Factors Behind The Success Of Fohoway??

A) Fohoway India has been consistent in their performance from the last two years. We have been rising and shining to showcase our performance with the dedicated team of our leaders who are driven, ambitious and goal oriented. We believe in our core values namely, Harmony, Collegiality, Friendship and Virtues. It is important in Direct Selling for our management to develop and maintain a healthy balance between what is demanded by the market and how well we can execute for exponential growth. Our brand is a perfect example to make our distributors firmly believe in the act of collaboration. The Indian sub-continent gave us the golden opportunity of showcasing how we can highlight the vast benefits of TCM along with Ayurveda.

Q) What is your vision for 2025?

A) Fohoway India has been established with the motto to bring transformational changes in the lives of the direct seller community with us. We have experienced the thick and thin together, since we still consider ourselves a start – up. With a sincere team on board we plan to open multiple offices across major cities in India along with our growing number of stockists to penetrate the Indian Direct Selling Industry better. We firmly endorse and believe in digital payments, incorporating the latest policies laid out by the Departments of Consumer Affairs and strong training and educational systems which empower us in building our organization in multi folds by the power of duplication of tasks for effectiveness. We value your dreams and plan to introduce goal setting at early stages for the overall development of our distributors. We believe in the power of “Life is Work, Work is Life” which shall continue to guide us in doing better business for the benefit of our team. Our management has tried to incorporate the values of our systems in India to work efficiently for the financial independence of our team. We believe in Working Together and in collaborative efforts for the progress which we are set out to accomplish.