Motivational Speaker and Business Coach exclusively for Indian Direct Selling Industry Raj Kale

Motivational Speaker and Business Coach exclusively for Indian Direct Selling Industry Raj Kale

Motivational Speaker and Business Coach exclusively for Indian Direct Selling Industry

Essential Roles of a Successful Leader

Today’s world is characterized by three important attributes which are ever changing and contributor drastically to the success of an organization and affects the overall growth of an individual. They are  technological advancement, commercial innovation and disruption.The constant change in all these areas of business is making leadership adapt to more flexible and relatable strategies. In my industry experience I have deeply observed that the organizational structures need to accept the challenges and suggestions put forward by their leadership in order to not fall behind in the near future and continue their legacy of work by being an important value addition to their organization’s success. Leaders need to take their roles and responsibilities seriously with conviction keeping in mind their vision for future. They need to understand the trend and set the foundation for their current teammates to follow. What makes a leader great is his / her ability to connect with individuals on a deeper level, contribute actively in their journey and motivate them in ways where they seek guidance and help to become better versions of themselves.

The leader over the course of his / her journey takes up various roles. He / She acts as a mentor, guide and coach to their team. A coach provides the support to their team to succeed in every step of their journey. They provide their team with the opportunity to showcase their skills, capabilities and hardwork to be recognized by others in their organization. Coaches should always inculcate a habit to meet with individual team members and provide them feedback with constructive criticism for their own improvement, motivate them to overcome obstacles and celebrate their victories. The leaders who take their position with adequate seriousness helps their organization by strengthening their relationships with colleagues, diverse teams, suppliers and end customers who contribute to business growth as they approach every individual with compassion and understanding. I highly recommend every leader in the Indian Direct Selling Industry to educate themselves, learn from other expert trainers, diligently put effort to polish skills, attend seminars, corporate events, conferences which allow them to get the exposure to gain access to a wide background of individuals, their learning resources and experience.

In my varied experience of being an international trainer and motivator for the Indian Direct Selling Industry I have noticed that for any leader being a team motivator comes naturally as they want to see their team succeed. As a leader, you need to learn how to motivate your team, how to take immediate action and help them reach their full potential. When a leader can mentor their team, it encourages them to work hard, create better environment to work and seek greater responsibilities at your organization. A key leadership role is defined as the backbone strength to mentor teams, strategize effectively and tackle obstacles to successfully implement projects of training and education to help businesses succeed. As a strategist a leader should define overall goals for the team and develop the best processes to achieve those goals simultaneously. As a good strategist the leader can ensure that his / her team looks upto them for any guidance, mentorship and support.

Let me highlight that over the last decade the face of Indian Direct Selling Industry has transformed drastically. Direct Selling Entities are flourishing in every state, Indian entrepreneurship is booming and in return trainers, motivational speakers and achievers are reaching sky rocketing heights of success. Opportunities are plenty, resources are ample and the desire to succeed has grown abundantly. Our industry is indeed demanding in many aspects where we expect our leaders to have excellent communication skills, mastery over public speaking and negotiation tactics to excel conflict management among their team. Our industry is also gaining popularity specially after covid-19 as individuals have started experiencing benefits as supplementary incomes to support their family and consider direct selling as full time employment option. Companies and individuals are goal oriented in the fast pacing environment where they experience less tolerance and patience in reaching towards success. I often find innocent individuals who wish to make their career in direct selling, get trapped into unscrupulous activities followed by unethical companies who are willing to compromise their morale compass and indulge in Ponzi schemes. I always guide and encourage enthusiasts to do their own diligence once they decide that direct selling interests them. They should safeguard themselves from companies that are making false accusations, misleading their direct sellers and trainers by not providing the products of superior quality and further dumping the products in the market by running various meaningless schemes inculcating the behavior of over consumption for building the business.

Through true leadership skills one can ascertain their ability to identify the right company with the right background to kickstart their right career path. I try my best to impart the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years in the field of training and education to provide the building blocks for any individual in direct selling. For them to achieve their path it is imperative to understand and learn the art of public speaking, being a motivator and leader. I express my hearty thanks to Rahul Sudan for giving us all the right platform to express our views and showcase a united front for this industry. In conclusion I urge everyone to continue working hard towards their goals, focus on the right path, communicate effectively by being on the progressive path of success.

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