Transcending Vision Into Reality by Mr Jitendra Dagar , Darjuv9

Transcending Vision Into Reality by Mr Jitendra Dagar , Darjuv9

Transcending Vision Into Reality

A glimpse of the detailed deep discussion with the Visionary like never before in the Indian Direct Selling Industry, Mr. Jitendra Dagar, Man behind Successful Accomplishments of Darjuv9 and Mr. Rahul Sudan.

“My engineering degree helped me with my logical and analytical skill development which I have been exploring as my own strength till date. During my college days very early own I realized that my current skill set is not enough to make me employable in the tough job market with the package which does not match my financial needs. Instead of being disheartened I made up my mind towards entrepreneurship. Hailing from a middle class background I was not privileged with the opportunity to seek guidance or financial aid from family. With the introduction in the field of Indian Direct Selling around the year 2005, there was no looking back my friends. I found myself lucky to believe that starting my own business with a Direct Selling platform helped me realize its benefits early on, progressively constitute towards life skills and guide my team to be better versions of themselves to explore their own success.

I strongly believe in 5 major business principles behind the strong foundation success of any direct selling company which I have thoroughly tried and tested for making Darjuv9 Enterprises the way it is Making Breakthroughs and Transforming Lives. They are as follows:

  • Strong Believer in Practicing the Art of Work Ethics
  • Always invest your resources in doing R&D to launch Quality Products as per the market demand
  • Transformational Training and Educational Systems proving to be the guiding light for forces to act in your success
  • Clarity in Vision and Mission
  • Providing the strong base to inculcate the practices of excellent customer service and prompt decisions.

I like to briefly share that with my limited experience and expertise in Indian Direct Selling Industry I always acted as a facilitator of growth. I firmly believe that the act of constant growth and leadership can be inculcated with discipline and in order to deliver results you need people with the traits which are unmatched for success. In order develop a strong ground for Darjuv9 as it is one of the start – ups in the making we opted for the principle of Selection over Collection. Rather than choosing a sales force and develop them aggressively, we focused more on discipline, on the job and off the job training techniques to make them born leaders, having a positive mindset, excellent in soft skills and above all a team player. In fact to give our Direct Selling Today readers an insight to our selection process while we were recruiting for our experienced leaders we laid focus and gave importance to strong rejection as the pool of individuals present in the market are not up to the standards and require much more self-awareness to perform better.

In the due process of being an industry veteran, I have personally faced many challenges that acted as hindrances in the success of building the true reflection of Indian Direct Selling Industry.

My biggest challenge has been to deal with individuals with the mindset of not making any changes to invite the incomparable benefits which Direct Selling as a business opportunity has for them. Since they are not eligible for the criterion making them ready for the same is an added challenge for me. There are many individuals I have personally come across who are not ready to accept that they need training themselves before they begin training their team for effective sales. They judge poorly and pass on a negative image for non-performance. This crucifying cycle creates wrong image, expectations and experiences for any new comers who wish to start their career in direct selling.

By practicing the concepts of “No Eligibility” and “Welcome All” creates more and more troubles when you are building an organization therefore, my team and I have our own set of steps to follow to minimize mediocrity in our pool of leaders.

I also want to take the opportunity to share that in order to create an auto mated system where the tried and tested system performs better making direct selling professionals capable to test and perform to their best of abilities and contribute actively to the success of Darjuv9. I am building a strong force of direct sellers with strong core leadership to take up on tasks, be more logical and be mindful in taking actions is the newest mantra for growth and effective working of their business. They need to be disciplined, dedicated and be motivated to give back to the company they work for, family they evolve with and society which takes care of them. With this vision and hope I pray that I was able to provide an insight of my journey with Indian Direct Selling Industry to your readers.”

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