World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day

Our Direct Selling Today Team represented by Miss Agrima Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer and Mr. Puuneet Jadwani, Chief Business Officer were thrilled to be invited to celebrate #WorldConsumerRightsDay2023 with esteemed dignitaries and industry experts at the prestigious Indian Institute of Public Administration, Centre for Consumer Studies.


Our team got the golden opportunity to represent the Indian direct selling industry by attending the knowledgeable panel discussion over various industry topics powered by Amazon India and suggesting fruitful remedies for being consumer-centric.


Under the guidance and informative presentation of domain experts and scholars, our team gained meaningful insights and guidance that are further useful for Indian direct selling companies, where they can re-strategize and make their products and marketing promotional activities more consumer centric. The importance of various themes of #WorldConsumerRightsDay was made clear, and our role and responsibilities as dutiful #consumers of our nation were discussed in detail.

It’s been our privilege and honour to represent the Indian Direct Selling Industry and reputed Indian direct selling companies among the selected few in the celebration.


Introduction to Celebration of #WorldConsumerRightsDay2023 by influencers, policymakers, and changemakers, namely Director General Shri S.N. Tripathi (IAS), Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Panel Discussion by Shri. Hem Pande, Former Secretary,Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA), along with Panellist Representatives of Amazon India, JNU, and IIPA, and Vote of Thanks by Prof. Suresh Misra,Head for Centre Consumer Studies,IIPA

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