Self- Employment & Entrepreneurship Key to Success for our $5 Trillion Indian Economy

Self- Employment & Entrepreneurship Key to Success for our $5 Trillion Indian Economy


Key to Success for our $5 Trillion Indian Economy 

By Rahul Sudan, Chief Editor, Direct Selling Today

Summary: In depth conversation by editorial team of Direct Selling Today with Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Hon’ble Minister of State Comsumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution shares a detailed insightful view on how the self-employment by the Indian Direct Selling Industry helps in uplifting the socio-econmic environment of our country.

Background: Ashwini Kumar Choubeyis an Indian politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party who is currently serving Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Environment, Forest and Climate Change and a member of the 17th Lok Sabha. He is a member of the 16th Lok Sabha representing Buxar (Lok Sabha constituency)[1] and a former health minister of Bihar. He had represented the Bihar legislative assembly from Bhagalpur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) before contesting the 16th Lok Sabha election. On 3 September 2017, he became in charge of office as Minister of State for Health in Narendra Modi’s Government.  

Here is the brief synopsis of one to one session for our beloved readers.

Q1 Role played by the Indian Direct Selling Industry in uplifting the socio-econmic environment of our country?

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I think, the Indian direct selling industry has become an integral part of the socio-economic environment. I appreciate the efforts of the industry stakeholders whether they are organizations or individuals who are contributing successfully towards the progress of Indian direct selling industry. The efforts made by the stakeholders are important as they are actively contributing and understanding people’s demands, providing them with consumer centric indigenous products, making products available in the market which are the clear reflection of the progress of our growing India .The Indian direct selling industry has been open and flexible because they accept people with any qualification and background who are willing to put in diligent work with flexible working hours. The industry is also an excellent example of providing opportunities to individuals and businesses to generate secondary incomes and becomes an apt business model for every Indian family. I am a firm believer that the industry is going at the growing pace with bright colours.

Q2 We have observed that during and post COVID-19, the Indian market has seen plenty of over claims on the benefit of products what is your viewpoint? How does the government plan to tackle the issue?

With the introduction of Consumer Protection Act, 2019 we firmly believe and endorse proper regulations which need to be adhered by businesses. Inclusions of laws covering Misleading advertisements have an important role to play over product claims. I am happy to mention that now we have a strict penal action in place which can be imposed on any defaulter. We are also stressing over the fact that business owners need to understand and win their customers as they are the one who have the power to make or break a product. With our efforts we are also providing consumers with the knowledge to understand their rights through various medium channels and promotions.

Q3 What efforts is the Government taking to promote and educate the public about the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules,2021?

The Central Government published the Consumer Protection(Direct Selling)Rules,2021 providing and empowering the individual States the ability to build and set their own additional monitoring mechanisms for the regulation of Indian direct selling businesses. Time

and again the Department of Consumer Affairs have been notifying the important notices through our official website as well.

Q4 Do you think the Indian direct selling industry acts as an economic driver to our nation?

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Definitely! strongly believe that the Indian direct selling industry has immense benefits to offer to our progressing and growing economy. The new technological innovations which largely results in using digital payments to make product purchase possible, use of whatsapp and other social media tp promote product sale and mass on the job training and skill development are the important in built  factors which are driving the progress of this industry.

Q5 What advice would you like to give to our industry stakeholders?

It’s crucial for all business owners to understand that transparency and regulatory compliance in handling consumer grievances for the products sold to them is of utmost importance. Once any business owner understands the serious consequences and is ready to provide remedial actions to the grieved consumer they can perform better for the image of the industry.

Q6 Would you like to give any message to our Direct Selling Today Award Winners, 2022?

I thank you for your invite and regret that I will not be there at your 3rd annual Direct Selling Today Awards.I have liked your motto promoting Fair Products at Fair Price.I recommend that this particular motto should be adopted by the industry.I wish Direct Selling Today all the very best for future endeavours.

The consumer’s journey is a unique one. It kick starts from being a curious interested buyer leading to becoming a direct seller and eventually an entrepreneur that contributes and builds the life for himself / herself.The various stages in the cycle are dependent towards one’s personal & career growth leading to Nation’s progress and economic development. An individual truly feels empowered and blessed by the system created for the benefit of one’s well being that allows them to utilize their skills and talents to make product sales to build their business effectively, make their loved ones aware of the genuine products and further helping their family members become their team mates in doing the direct selling business together as a family. Since the Indian direct selling business is a unique system following its own ecosystem, effective product rules and regulatory compliance is required in a strict manner.

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