Unique 3C Model of Direct Selling Career

Unique 3C Model of Direct Selling Career

Think GLOBAL Act LOCAL, New Way of Direct Selling

By Agrima Gupta,Chief Marketing Officer(CMO),Direct Selling Today

Summary : In depth conversation by editorial team of Direct Selling Today with Mr. Shishir Jha,General Manager and Country Director,4Life – The Immune System Company™ shares a detailed insightful view on today’s modern day leadership imperative to be successful in Indian Direct Selling Industry.

Background : With over 20 years of experience in the direct selling industry along with the flair to understand the uniqueness which India as a market has to offer for 4Life to excel.A degree in business from the University of Delhi and robust domain expertise of sales, training and business development has helped in building his career.

Here is the brief synopsis of one to one session for our beloved readers,

Question (1)

How would you describe the journey of 4Life in India?

Answer (1)

4Life, The Immune System Company, manufactures high quality, research-based and immune system nutraceuticals.Our opportunity to kick start direct selling career for any young entrepreneur is simple, supportive and exciting.Our transparent sales plan driven by motivation to build a successful future further provides an excellent way forward for our direct sellers.

So, for an organization that services the community with products and business opportunity that everyone needs, journey is always eventful. We are coming out of 2021,which was our best performance year since we launched our business in India way back in 2008.We duly started our year of 2023 on a great note, and it looks like our direct sellers are again on a record-breaking path.

Question (2)

How do you motivate your Direct Seller Community to effectively run their own business?

Answer (2)

Our system and processes are devised and implemented for anyone to comprehend. We have a simple three step process through which we partner with our direct sellers and business leaders to help them create a Profitable & Sustainable 4Life Business for themselves and their teams.I call it a 3C’s approach.

  1. Connect – We believe in an all hands on deck approach, which means we need to be with our people – walk and run with them as they are working towards building their business.
  2. Coordinate –We work on setting up exemplary relationship between our internal functions and business leaders on the field. Having a dialogue with the field before launching an initiative and consistently asking our direct sellers about what can we do to help them grow, helps us create and launch right product, trainings and activities for our direct sellers.
  3. Confirm – 4Life has a very strong focus on getting feedback from our leaders. We firmly believe that any business grows if there is mutual trust and respect between employees and business partners. I am very proud to say that all our leaders and direct sellers have a channel to communicate with us and know that every 4Life employee will work on their suggestions and inputs.

Question (3)

What role does Training and Education play in building a successful 4Life Direct Seller?


Training and Education is the backbone which lays the foundation of our direct selling business. 4Life has a strong training system that operates both in Online & Offline mode. With the recent pandemic we were more than ready to revamp our systems and change our style to working to be more acceptable and hybrid in our day to day working.

Our direct sellers work with a science based and researched backed product portfolio. To succeed in this Consultative Selling approach, they need to be experts of Transfer Factor science and know the features and benefits of each product. We believe in ‘responsible selling’ and that will happen only when our people have all the knowledge and training about their products.

On the business side, 4Life has a powerful sales plan that rewards a direct seller in eight different ways. Our sales plan does not focus on gathering a large mass of people and hope some of them will work every month. We believe in maximizing profits through a structured approach and building an optimal team of direct sellers who have an ability to plan and achieve their goals. This also requires intensive training on the sales plan that is provided by our team as well as business leaders on the field.

Question (4)

According to you, What makes Direct Selling Industry so attractive among young aspiring individuals of India?

Answer (4)

I see Direct Selling as a strong option for a young nation like ours. I see entrepreneurship everywhere as I travel across the states for business. I have noticed that we are a strong, determined and enterprising race with the motivation to do better for ourselves and  our families. We struggle and never give up which are the striking characteristics for a successful direct seller. Direct Selling provides a great opportunity to young individuals who want to start their own business and take their own decisions. Youngsters always talk about being a ‘Job Giver’ than a ‘Job Seeker’ and direct selling opportunity is about that. Start your own low risk low investment business where everyone right from the corporate to your team members will help you succeed.

Direct selling is also a great option to generate supplementary income that may help youngsters fund their small desires like going on a vacation, generating funds for that management program they always wanted to do or making enough money to pay for their house rent or car EMI.It is a fun business that helps one become his or her own boss and pursue their goals.

However, one needs to be very smart in picking up the right business and right company. I will always recommend aspirants to do some research about their financial source, nature of the products offered, Transparency and consistency of business plan and company’s other policies such as satisfaction guarantee and refund policies before taking a decision. This will increase their chances of success in Indian Direct Selling Industry.

Question (5)

Describe the core values which has laid the foundation of 4Life Business in India?

Answer (5)

We are The Immune System Company. In 1998, our Founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, embarked on a journey to bring 4Life Transfer Factor® products to the world. I encourage all your readers to learn more about transfer factors. What I will say as an introduction is that transfer factors are not vitamins, minerals, herbs, or fruit.We believe in our core values and consistently use them as our guiding lights:

  1. Science Since 1998, 4Life Research® has brought you high-quality products to support your immune system and overall health. We are committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery.
  2. Success 4Life Affiliates enjoy some of the highest payouts in the industry through our Life Rewards Plan.
  3. Service Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does. As you change your life with our phenomenal products and financial opportunity, you can change others’ lives through meaningful acts of service.
  4. Satisfaction Ready to feel satisfied? Everything we do is with you in mind, and our goal is to leave a lasting, positive impression with every interaction.


What steps does 4Life takes to give back to the society?


We have our Non-Profit organization “Foundation 4Life” that works on breaking the cycle of poverty and engages with children in markets where we operate.

I also want to share about two specific initiatives that we are driving in India, Mission Shakti & Yuva 4Life.Mission Shakti is aimed at empowering women and helping them grow to a level where they can take charge of their business and lives.Yuva 4Life is focused on identifying young energies and providing them education and skills to become powerful entrepreneurs. I believe these are two areas where India has a lot of potential and we want to do our bit for our direct sellers and society in general.

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